Barry MacBride

Barry MacBride, President - BSc, MSc, MBA, PMP, FEC, P.Eng.

Barry has over 40 years of experience in water and waste management. His passion is to apply his years of academic and executive level experience to assist clients in project management, strategic planning, change implementation, innovation, and leadership. (




Before founding BDM Projects Ltd in 2012, Barry spent 30 years with the City of Winnipeg including 14 years as Director of the Water and Waste Department. As Director, he was responsible for all aspects of drinking water, wastewater, land drainage, flood control, solid waste management and recycling for Winnipeg. The Department had a staff complement of 900 people and an annual operating budget of $200 million. In addition, the Department delivered a capital program in excess of $150 million per year. The Department was responsible for establishing rates and the billing function.

The Department operated as a standalone entity with its own internal financial, human resource and information technology functions. The Director provided recommendations to the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works of City Council. 


  1. Transformation from monopoly thinking to a competitive thinking, customer service utility with the vision “Excellence in Environmental Services”
  2. Successful implementation of 7 day work week in field services
  3. Construction of a new $300 million water treatment plant
  4. Rehabilitation of a 100 year old 160 km long aqueduct
  5. Implementation of UV disinfection and biological nutrient removal in wastewater treatment
  6. Successful implementation of single stream recycling
  7. Implementation of formal asset management in the Department
  8. Transparency with full disclosure on the internet
  9. Signed ground breaking “Program Alliance” agreement with major consultant/operator of infrastructure to assist in construction and operation of wastewater treatment system


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